Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving on... but keeping still at the rock of salvation ♥

I know... it has been ages :)

But gladly I may say that those 'ages' have been super and full of amazing blessings to be shared ;)

Since January of 2011 I moved to New Zealand for my job and have been experiencing many special experiences... which sometimes have moments that seem to be a challenge which ends to become something beautiful... making me grow and realize once more how much loved and cared I am by a loving Heavenly Father!

In one of my previously post on this blog I wrote about how much I love people! I keep really doing it and here in New Zealand they have still being amazing and a good source of love and happy moments! I currently live in a small town in the north of the North Island but gladly not too far away from the biggest city in the nation - Auckland! There is where I often spend my weekends with friends doing thing I like the most! Also there I have met amazing YSA friends. Never the last spending most of my days in Whangarei City (the town I live in) have showed me how much aware of my needs and feelings God is! On my first Sunday here and going to church I met some sweetest and awesome friends ever which 2 of them I ended up being roomates with :) getting even better I was not only able to live with 2 amazing girls but downstairs of my bishop's home! YEP, I finally got the privilege to have the priesthood at home!!! those months living with them have been of much appreciation and growth! ♥

Not boasting but reporting as a blessed experience... something I have noticed living here is how much I have been respected and appreciated for being a return missionary! Unhappily we dont have many return missionaries around but HAPPILY and GRATEFULLY I'm now having over 4 girlfriends I made here sending their papers and going to serve a full time mission!!!! I was even able to be part of a opening mission call mtg for one of them! :D

YES! Once again I have to confess that life is blessed and special!

At work as I work for Brazilian high school students I often experience the importance of love and communication inside the families of those kids! It amazes me how much I am able to use skills and teachings I've learnt from the Gospel and from my mission on my labor daily life ...

"Come what may and Love it!" is the theme of one of my favorites talks ever... and I feel much happy and grateful for be feeling that way about my life... even with the challenging moments :)

"I feel my Savior's love" is a hymn which always make me reflect on how I have been involved by it :)

"Where art Thou?" is a scripture which helps me to remenber where should I stand at :)

"Eu te amo!" is the phrase I hear everytime I speak to my family in Brasil and makes my heart and face to SMILE so BIG!

"Feliz" is how I feel for who I am and the life I have!!!

"♥" is what I send you for reading this post and remembering that all we are and can be of great worth is because God so much loved the world that He did send His Son Jesus Christ!

Much L♥ve,