Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moving on... but keeping still at the rock of salvation ♥

I know... it has been ages :)

But gladly I may say that those 'ages' have been super and full of amazing blessings to be shared ;)

Since January of 2011 I moved to New Zealand for my job and have been experiencing many special experiences... which sometimes have moments that seem to be a challenge which ends to become something beautiful... making me grow and realize once more how much loved and cared I am by a loving Heavenly Father!

In one of my previously post on this blog I wrote about how much I love people! I keep really doing it and here in New Zealand they have still being amazing and a good source of love and happy moments! I currently live in a small town in the north of the North Island but gladly not too far away from the biggest city in the nation - Auckland! There is where I often spend my weekends with friends doing thing I like the most! Also there I have met amazing YSA friends. Never the last spending most of my days in Whangarei City (the town I live in) have showed me how much aware of my needs and feelings God is! On my first Sunday here and going to church I met some sweetest and awesome friends ever which 2 of them I ended up being roomates with :) getting even better I was not only able to live with 2 amazing girls but downstairs of my bishop's home! YEP, I finally got the privilege to have the priesthood at home!!! those months living with them have been of much appreciation and growth! ♥

Not boasting but reporting as a blessed experience... something I have noticed living here is how much I have been respected and appreciated for being a return missionary! Unhappily we dont have many return missionaries around but HAPPILY and GRATEFULLY I'm now having over 4 girlfriends I made here sending their papers and going to serve a full time mission!!!! I was even able to be part of a opening mission call mtg for one of them! :D

YES! Once again I have to confess that life is blessed and special!

At work as I work for Brazilian high school students I often experience the importance of love and communication inside the families of those kids! It amazes me how much I am able to use skills and teachings I've learnt from the Gospel and from my mission on my labor daily life ...

"Come what may and Love it!" is the theme of one of my favorites talks ever... and I feel much happy and grateful for be feeling that way about my life... even with the challenging moments :)

"I feel my Savior's love" is a hymn which always make me reflect on how I have been involved by it :)

"Where art Thou?" is a scripture which helps me to remenber where should I stand at :)

"Eu te amo!" is the phrase I hear everytime I speak to my family in Brasil and makes my heart and face to SMILE so BIG!

"Feliz" is how I feel for who I am and the life I have!!!

"♥" is what I send you for reading this post and remembering that all we are and can be of great worth is because God so much loved the world that He did send His Son Jesus Christ!

Much L♥ve,

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pictures and short msgs!

Not too long ago our living prophet Thomas Spencer Monson said on his talk about the importance at least to take picture of ourselves once a year! I guess I dont have a hard time following to this one counsel.. :)

Look up, ask with Faith! this is what this pic and editing was suppose to be about. I am planning on this new year to create a new blog to post my pics and leave msgs with them. Short msgs though... I will keep this current blog running but I belive I will be more faithful on updating this new one for the lacking of time to write much on this one.

Thanks for those friend around the globe who read my blog and send me msgs of appreciation!!!! ♥

much ♥ from Brasil! Ge - Me - Nobre!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010

A Great Year!

The year 2010 was SUPER! Full of blessings and learning!!! A new year arrived and new goals to accomplish! EXCITING!!!! ♥

A GREAT HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!! 2011!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

To Be ! = Time + Agency

Who? When? Where? How?

To be able to have the answers for what we may have as a doubt or question also means to have a willing heart to act on what is recevied!

This Oct 2010 General Conference was just PerfecT! full of answers and revelations for so many things I was looking forward to get... after the joy of recieving what was asked came the responsibility of doing something RIGHT about it!

It doesnt mean we will always know straight away what is or how to act upon. But surelly the same sincer heart we need to have to ask Heveanly Father to recieve answer is the same sincer heart we must have to give Him to recieve the instructions to how to act. Then will come the result of To Be or To Have or To Do ... by His marvelous glory and power.

I cant do everything myself! It is sometimes even hard to do all what is asked, but never impossible to obey. With God's help as I do my part /act things come to pass...

Today as I talked on Skype with a good friend she taught me something great about Time and Agency! she did explain it in such a nice way using the example of what I was going through that made not only the answer I had recieved before to be more understandable and stronger! but also to have the understanding that TODAY may be the TIME to CHOOSE rather to do or not, and TOMORROW comes the TIME to recieve the fruits of what was chossen... and His plan trully works through those 2 divine gifts given to us, Time & Agency!

ok ok this whole Time and Angency topic has probablyy been alreday said and heard soooo much before but I can say also that it has not yet always been understood by me in the way I should and even more, I must need to always remenber to apply and remenber that I know it through out my life and specially at the times I need it!

"I need Thee every hour..."

"When the Spirit wispers, wise men and women obey! "

Monday, August 16, 2010

2 Great Principles!

wOw 4 months have past SiNcE the last time I posted here... I definally miss my blog.

I have been able to learn so much about the need I do have on buiding up a better Faith and Trust in Heavenly Father and His plan, specially the one He had designed specially to me... Even when it gets harder to keep up with a steady faith such as in times of struggle and probation... it still comes with the better remenbrance, knowledge and testimony that The Plan is PERFECT and REAL!

Learning everyday the importance of to Forgive and to Repent as many time as needed becomes each time more clear and beautiful to me and applicable in everyone's life!

My personal studies, prayers and thoughts have being focus on those two great principles laterly: Trust and Faith - and usually when I belive I am getting there I find myself needing to be more humble and seeking more to learn and to do! All those experiences strengh my testimony of the Restored Gospel... but I still confess to get a little down for not having what I want by living better those principles at the time I set as a goal to... which I know to still be my own time ... not Heveally Father's.

HEY, it’s touch uhu? hehehe... but still awesome uhu?! :)

The idea of even being hard but still always true brings me to a feeling of happiness even when I can’t still understand or have what I have been seeking for... teachs me that it trully is a process.. which blesses me all the way long to

Laterly I had the opportunity to meet some new friends and people who even without they knowing have helped me on to live and learn more about those principles!

The Holy Spirit is so essencial in the whole process and I do bear testimony of Him! He always brings the sweet spirit of HOPE and that all will be ok because of my Savior Jesus Christ!

If I may recommend a chapter to be studied today I would say: 1 Ne 5 !

May our hearts and lives be blessed by the Plan of Happiness by living the principles and teaching o four Savior Jesus Christ!

I want to & I need to Become a better Daughter to my Havenly Father! And He will bless me as much as I build up a better Trust and Faith in HIM! ♥

Friday, April 16, 2010

Nations.. tongues... sons and daugthers of God today may listen the words of a living prophet!

- April 2010 General Conference -,6353,310-1,00.html

Thank Thee Father! :)

wOw! lets not count the time I have been without updating this blog and lets reflect about HOW BLESSED we are for knowing the Gospel and its fruits!

Since the last time I wrote here many great blessings have come upon my life and of those sorounds me...

Sister Dalton - YW General President came to Brazil! to my stake she spoke in person and blessed us with her Great spirit, message and challenge! what a example of a leader and Daugther of a Dinve God she is!

I have some stories along the way happening to me which have helped me to realize the importance of keep up chosing the very best of choices... Agency has been a topic of personal study and of great priority.

Family going through own challenges but always being blessed by living the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Friends are always so dear to me, but laterly I feel so far from them with my daily busy life. Get the phone and just call them wherever they may be from, listen to their voice and leting them know my appreciation for them is something which I love to do! so watch out you may be the next one ;)

Loving as always my job and meeting everyday new and cool people!

The last but not the least - church callings are the service I need and have to bless me with a stronger testimony and remenbering of what really matters! :)

Love life still sleeping... no news YET! cant wait to have it waking up again, but atthe right time for the right someone... :)

Lets get on a comon sence about life... YES! IT IS BLESSED!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do you Wanna BE happier?

What a blessing is to be able to serve in the church and to recieve so many great blessings... such as a stronger testimony of the greatest of God and of the power of His love for all His childreen!

Today I spent the whole afternoon and part of the night with 2 awesome sisters who I serve with in the Young Women of our stake - we went together to two beautiful activities of the YW Org. There my testimony was built stronger and the desire to keep serving just grows! I love those girls and the positive feeling of their eternal potencials! it is so real and beautiful!!!

I got back again the understanding of Be Happy is all about serving and helping others!!! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I dont appreciate to have ppl who I love to leave me... actually I guess that is something almost everyone feels like the same about...
why am I saying that?!
This last weekend I had a blast with great ppl who definally made some difference on me...
To have a willing heart to serve, help and bless someone else lives is all about blessing ourselves!
I really enjoy the primary hymn which is called and says "I am trying to be like Jesus"! To become as Jesus Christ is we must follow his path and gain all the attributes He has! Is it easy? NO WAY! Is it something we must seek to gain? Oh YEAH!!!! Those ppl who I mentioned dont have all the Christlike attribute at once but they do have different ones from each other and they blessed me this weekend!


Monday, December 7, 2009


EVERYDAY, we meet ppl! But do we get to know them?

I miss knowing ppl as they really are!
One of the best thing about serving as a full time LDS missionary is the privilege of knwing ppl, to get in their homes, to feel the LoVe God has for them as individuals and as a family!
My goals in life as a RM are many, but some of them arent as new as some others. One of them is to KEEP knowing ppl as they really are! and to help them to may know WHO THEY REALLY MUST BECOME as childreen of a Lovely Heavenly Father!
I had the great opportunity last week to meet in the bus in my way home from work and in my way to work two nice women, who just started a genuine conversation with me and in the end of it I could tell their whole life story and how precious they were! Those 30 to 40 minutes bus ride in some how changed my days and the way I see people around me. They - people = us, are so "the same" but at the same time so different and unique! We trully need each other! We are a family!